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Here at CARE we’ve been thinking….we’ve been a bit dog-heavy so far, so today we’re focussing on cats.

A lot of people don’t realise that cats get stressed really easily.

For your cat-friend, a vet visit can be scary!  So when your cat comes to visit, we will make it as stress free for your friend as we possibly can.

You can expect…..

…..that our dog and cat-friends will be kept separateIMG_0810

  • separate cat waiting area (please request on arrival)
  • separate cat and dog wards
  • a calmer experience for our cat-clients
  • when demand dictates we will also aim to have cat-only and dog-only times at CARE (for routine appointments)

Additionally, when your cat has to stay with us you can also expect…..

  • your cat’s stay with us to be comfortable in a secure, quiet cat-only-area, with nice comfortable bedding, and us popping in frequently to check that they are all ok
  • for the really shy cats, we will put a little plastic screen in their house so that they can hide!
  • for them to be fed after any anaesthetic or surgery (where appropriate – usually best if you bring their normal food)
  • following surgery, any post-operative appointments your cat needs will be FREE

Stress in cats is probably more common than most people think.  Things that wouldn’t make your dog-friend bat an eyelid can be disastrous for your cat.

Cats are very good at hiding stress! This can make it hard for you to know when they are worried, and behave in ways that we don’t understand which can cause your cat serious health problems, e.g. – cystitis, excessive grooming, tummy upsets. 

These articles tell us about how your cat may behave when they are upset, and also gives useful ideas on how to reduce things that can be stressful for your cat……they were written by Battersea Dogs Home!

Reducing stress: https://www.battersea.org.uk/pet-advice/cat-care-advice/reducing-your-cats-stress

Creating a cat-friendly house: https://www.battersea.org.uk/pet-advice/cat-care-advice/creating-cat-friendly-home

….we also thought that longer than average consultations would be a good thing – so that we can discuss your cat’s previous, and ongoing, treatment thoroughly.

CARE highlights….

  • 15 minute consultations
  • new, state of the art operating theatre (images to follow) – close and constant monitoring under anaesthesia and in recovery, high quality ultrasound, blood testing

At CARE we are offering….IMG_0220

  • low priced consult fees, and – FIRST CONSULT £10
  • microchipping – MICROCHIP EVENT (details to follow)
  • FREE for the first 10 cats (legal requirement for dogs – but also a good idea for cats as they go missing just as much, if not more often)
  • ONLY £10 normally
  • the Big Weigh-In – FREE


PRACTICE ANIMULZ……meet our friends. We’ll introduce them in our next blog!


We’re looking forward to meeting you with your best friend!



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