Neuter your cat for £5…….

YES £5!


  1. One cat can have 15-20 kittens a year
  2. Feline AIDS (FIV) is spread by sexual contact
  3. Reduces spraying….

There are lots other reasons to neuter, some of which may be more important to you. There is more information on our page Why neuter your cat?

Local-independent-vet, family-run-vet, neutering-campaign, care-vet-ellesmere-port

We are pleased to be able to give you this fantastic offer, in conjunction with your local Cat’s Protection (South Wirral) Branch (0151) 355 9813.

You can contact Cat’s Protection on the details above, or call the practice to discuss on (0151) 345 1121. Alternatively pop into CARE, were always happy to help.

To neuter your your cat for £5 is a bargain, and an immense saving on normal neutering price. Spring is around the corner, and so now is the best time to start thinking about neutering.

So think smart…think neuter.


(0151) 345-1121

1 thought on “Neuter your cat for £5…….

  1. Carla metcalfe 15th Jan 2019 — 5:11 am

    My Tom cat needs to be neutered he’s 6 months old and I am in receipt of benefits can u please help,he seems to be spraying also as I have a dog too and he is also the same and there trying to over power each other with it as my male dog is seeing where the cat is spraying,so could do with them both being done,please help – Hi Carla, I’m sure we can help. Please call us on 0151 345 1121.


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