Shhh… want to hear something groovy?


You can neuter your cat for £5….

Local-independent-vet, family-run-vet, neutering-campaign, care-vet-ellesmere-portThis amazing offer is kindly brought to you by South Wirral Cats Protection, your local branch, who have been caring for unwanted cats since 2002, and is run completely by volunteers.



Cats Protection not only help with the cost of neutering, they also keep a Lost And Found Register, have a dedicated team of fosterers, provide a home to home service. These are just a few of their services, more information can be found HERE.

Local-independent-vet, family-run-vet, neutering-campaign, care-vet-ellesmere-port

Want to know more?……contact CARE or Cats Protection.



  1. One cat can have 15-20 kittens a year
  2. Feline AIDS (FIV) is spread by sexual contact
  3. Reduces spraying….

Local-independent-vet, family-run-vet, neutering-campaign, care-vet-ellesmere-portThere are lots other reasons to neuter, some of which may be more important to you.
There is more information on our page Why neuter your cat?

At CARE we understand how stressful it can be for cats to visit us, so we have created our practice in a cat friendly way – we have cat and dog waiting areas and separate wards, to reduce the stress for your cat  …… see our Cats At CARE page for more information.


(0151) 345-1121


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3 thoughts on “Shhh… want to hear something groovy?

  1. I have a ginger male cat he is 5 months. I gave him a home because the owners were giving him and his sisters to cats protection they did not want them. He needs to be neutering can you please help


    1. Yes of course we can help. Call us on 0151 345 1121. Best wishes. CARE.


    2. Hi Vicky, thanks for your enquiry. We can help with neutering him of course. Call us on 0151 345 1121, I am available to chat to today.
      Best wishes


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