Oscar’s Story

Many of you cat-parents will be familiar with the pesky thyroid gland and the problems it can cause.

The thyroid gland lies in the neck and controls things like metabolism (the rate at which your cat’s body utilises the food that they are fed) so it also has an impact on your cat’s body’ condition, or how fat/thin your cat is.

Its not uncommon for cats to have a thyroid that is over-producing, which can have a large impact on your cat’s appearance and their quality of life.

For example, an over-active thyroid can make your cat lose a lot of weight. But they will be eating and drinking much more.

This is Oscar’s story.

oscar 2

Oscar had reached middle age, and his mum thought something had changed but she wasn’t sure what. So we looked at Oscar and nothing was greatly different from your average comfy cat. We took a blood sample and this showed his thyroid gland was making too much of a hormone called thyroxine.

Fortunately for Oscar, his mum noticed the change in him early on. Untreated hyperthyroidism can often look like this.

They often loose lots of weight, will eat but never get full up, drink lots, get very, very grumpy.

But with treatment, Oscar continues his happy, comfy life, looking like this…..

oscar 1

Call us or book to discuss this or any other-cat related thing.

1 thought on “Oscar’s Story

  1. Interesting article, thank you.


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