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Your dog’s, or cat’s, favourite time of year, right?

For many pets, we doubt that.

Loud, sporadic noise, coupled with flashing lights can be terrifying for your pets.

They just don’t understand why their tranquil world has been changed into one of noise and flashes!

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There is no easy answer, so it helps to prepare well, and in advance.

Not all dogs or cats are scared by such hoo-hah, and if they are one of those, happy days.

But if your pet is one of those, it helps to prepare in advance. There are some things you can do.

To help you manage sound phobias there are many products, such as noise conditioning aids like CDs – which you can slowly introduce to desensitise your pet to noises that cause them distress.

Other options include pheromone products such as ADAPTIL (for dogs) and FELIWAY (cats) . These help to soothe your pet, by mimicking the safety of the ‘nest’, which aims to relax and reassure your pet.

We hope this is helpful to you as we approach this time of year.


FREE downloadable desensitisation therapy, kindly provided by the DOGS TRUST HERE.

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