Its a subject that can cause a bit of debate.

Yes there are risks, which no surgery or anaesthetic is without.

But there are benefits. Substantial ones.

Its your pet. So the decision is up to you. Our job is to provide the evidence, so if it’s relevant to you, read on.

Lets start with CATS

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Without worrying over paying consult fees…..


Unlike dogs, most cats have a free reign – this can stretch to up to two miles from where they live. And we all know of a cat that has a second home (and extra food).

So that means that they can come into contact with lots of other cats.

Some of the benefits of neutering (spaying/castrating) your cat are:

  • less have arguments – they’re less territorial, which helps to reduce the risk of infectious disease like feline leukaemia (FELV) and feline AIDS (mainly spread by saliva and blood), cat bite/scratch abscesses (which are very common)
  • less roaming about –  so less likely to have car accidents, or be stolen
  • more kisses for their human – neutered cats are generally more docile and calmer and affectionate
  • reduces spraying – making your home cleaner (when did you last smell tomcat urine?)
  • less tumours and reproductive disease – mammary, cervical, ovarian tumours, pyometra
  • no babies – rescue centres are full, and the stray cat population is a huge problem for cats, humans and wildlife
  • one cat can produce 15-20 kittens per year
  • no showing, calling, keeping you awake at night – less stress on your cat, female cats going into heat repeatedly without having kittens can experience depression, anorexia…

There are many more reasons why neutering is a good idea, but we think you probably get the idea from this.

  • spay £59
  • castrate £39

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Have a question about spaying or castrating your cat, ask away here.

We have special offers for cat castration and spaying, so why not pre-register here.

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