Time to say goodbye?

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Is it time?

It’s difficult letting your best friend go. As animal lovers, we’d go so far as to describe the final kind decision we make for our pets as excruciatingly hard.

On this page we are trying to answer the most common concerns we face at this incredibly difficult time.

There are, of course, thousands of different scenarios and so if there is anything else you wish to know, or even just to chat through all of the issues raised here either before, or after you say goodbye please, please contact us. We will set aside time for you.

It’s important to remember that everyone deals with this difficult time differently. It is our aim to make this experience as peaceful and respectful for you as we can.

The list below isn’t exhaustive, it was merely created as a guide to provide a little assistance at what is a very difficult time in our life as a pet owner.

At CARE we have all had pets all of our lives and we have faced the same dilemmas you are currently facing.

We are always happy to talk things through.

With our best wishes, CARE.

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A question we’re often asked is, …….”is my pet in pain?”

Animals can show pain in different ways to those we may think.

They may be quiet, vocal or snappy. Standing with their back hunched, stretching out, head pressing, trembling, or eating less can also be signs of pain.

Do they seem unsettled?

Are they limping, favouring one leg, less keen to use the stairs, get into the car, reluctant to go out, or play games? Do they groom themselves less?

Have they lost any weight?


Has their appetite changed?  Their amount of drinking is also important – has this changed?


Older animals particularly (and young ones) sleep more than at other stages of life.
But if your pet is staying in bed more this may be relevant.
Do they toilet more at night?
Has the house training you taught them changed? Are they soiling in the house, or soiling in their bed either awake or asleep?


How do you feel?
Are you concerned about putting your pet to sleep because you are worried about what will happen?
Do you feel that your pet is happy?

When it is time…..

At CARE we will try to accommodate our clients wishes to make this difficult time as peaceful and respectful as we possibly can.

We always use sedation prior to euthanasia to make the procedure as restful as possible.

We can provide euthanasia services both at home and at our practice, at a time to suit you.

We will of course always accommodate emergencies but from experience, the decision is made easier when it is planned in advance.

“Dogs aren’t our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

at-home-euthanasia, end-of-life, put-to-sleep, pet-euthanasia, quality-of-life ellesmere-port-vet wirral-vet dogs-ellesmere-port not-for-profit-vet

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